Group Senzala North East

Group Senzala North East was founded in 1994 by (now) Mestre Tazmania (Jimi McAvoy), who began practising Capoeira under the guidance of Mestre Gato in 1989. From it's humble beginning in the small town of Peterlee, the group expanded into Newcastle, with regular classes at prestigious dance organisation Dance City. After a number of years we also started regular classes at Heaton Community Centre, a busy local community centre. Later, a new classes was created by Professor Caranguejo in Durham.

Over the years we have organised many Batizado (grading ceremony) events and Capoeira workshops and have had the great opportunity to invite and train with many Masters from Group Senzala (Gato, Peixinho, Ramos, Sorriso, Garrincha, Samara, Gil Velho, Itamar) and from other world-renowned groups (Suassuna, Urubu Malando, Poncianinho), as well as many contra mestres, professors and teachers from around the world.

Today classes are taught by Mestre Tazmania, Professor Caranguejo and Professor Scuzzi.