Professor Caranguejo

Playing Capoeira since 1994

Peter started training Muay Thai in 1991, and trained for 5 years under the instruction of Jimi McAvoy. In 1994 both Jimi and Peter attended a Capoeira workshop in Hexam, Northumberland, which was taught by Mestre Gato from Grupo Senzala.

Since that initial class he has practised Capoeira and worked with Mestre Tasmania (Jimi) to learn and teach Capoeira.

Peter has helped support Jimi's teaching and to help the group grow, and plays a very important role in the organising and fundraising for the Batizado events.

In recognition of his hard work and dedication, Caranguejo was presented with the Green Cord (1st Level Professor) of the Senzala group at the 2011 Newcastle Batizado and more recently his Purple Cord (2nd Level Professor) at the 2016 event.


Telephone: 07964 408405